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Hello folks! I wanted to take a moment to address an option for customers who may be near DarkStar Studio’s home area. I can offer a local Delivery for you, or a chance to pickup your purchase at a public location of your choosing. Until such time as this option is coded into the shop page, here’s what you need to do. Head over to the contact page after your visit to the shop, and shoot DarkStar an e-mail. Within this e-mail include the following. 1, the title of the piece you are wanting to purchase. 2, The best method to contact you, either via mobile number or valid e-mail. I will personally pull said piece from the shop and immediately contact you to make and confirm arrangements to get the purchase to you as soon as possible. With this method payment will be accepted as COD, cash or check only! Thank you for visiting and check back often for new works!

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