Artists of DarkStar Studio

This page is dedicated to introducing our customers to all the Artists online and involved with DarkStar Studio LLC. Whether an Artist chooses to sell their work online with us or would rather simply showcase their work; they all appear on this page. Browse around and acquaint yourself with our ever expanding pool of talented artists. Enjoy!

Joey Valentine, known in online art circles as “spudmuffin,” is a 20-year-old artist specializing in character design and cartoon-esque art styles. Her art centers around loud colors and whimsical topics like cartoon animals, mythical creatures, and video games. She works traditionally and digitally, her art spanning anything from video game sprites to small comics. Joey pulls her inspiration from around her, taking something as simple a speck of dirt on the floor or a stain on a pair of pants and turning it into something fantastical; she sees the world as a well of inspiration.

Joey is currently taking commissions and you can contact her at any of the following:
Instagram | DeviantArt | Facebook