About Tim Vance

Tim Vance, Owner/Operator

DarkStar Studio is founded on a very simple idea; quality, all original, fine artwork. In 2002, while attending the University of Charleston, I stumbled upon a means of artistic expression combining non-objective painting, movement, and music. Please do not misunderstand, this “method” was not something revolutionary but already established. At the encouragement of one of my professors I pursued this “splatter painting”, and discovered an amazing emotional outlet. My desire is to share these creations with others. However, I do not just want to share my own work with the world. In time I hope to draw attention to other artists who are passionate about sharing their original work as well.

Here at DarkStar Studio we also offer the chance for you, our customer, to get a more “personal touch” to the work you purchase. If you are interested in work more tailored to your own specific tastes. Please feel free to Contact Us about a commissioned piece of artwork. As always, Thank you for visiting DarkStar Studio and enjoy browsing through what we currently have to offer!